auto restoration services in El Paso, TX

Is There Water Damage in Your Ride?

Look into car flood damage repair services in El Paso, TX

Water and flood damage can easily ruin a car. If your ride has been caught in a flood or has serious water damage, you'll need assistance, ASAP. Hawks Audio Works & Kustoms specializes in repairing flooded car engines, electronics, carpets and upholstery in El Paso, TX. Our team will assess the damage and determine if a replacement or basic repairs are needed.

Call 915-301-1624 today to schedule auto flood damage repair services.


Wondering what our team can do for you? We have years of experience restoring flood damaged cars, and can:

  1. Remove and repair engines without causing issues
  2. Replace or repair carpets and upholstery for a refreshed look
  3. Replace damaged electronics and electrical components

We'll go the extra mile to make sure your care is running smoothly with no sign of previous damage. That’s because your satisfaction is our priority. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about our repair services in El Paso, TX.