radar detector installation in El Paso, TX

Never Get Caught By Speed Traps Again

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The average cost of a speeding ticket in Texas is $150. Are you comfortable coughing over this much for an avoidable offense? Contact Hawks Audio Works & Kustoms to get a radar detector installation in El Paso, TX.

Protect yourself against hidden speed traps. The radar detector systems we install use state-of-the-art technology to pick up police radar frequencies. Call 915-309-3550 today to receive a price estimate on a radar detector installation.

Know the facts about radar detectors

Before you schedule a radar detector installation, you should understand your options. Radar detectors are legal in every state except Virginia. There are three main types of radar detectors:

  • Corded-these usually mount on the windshield with suction cups.
  • Cordless-these detectors are entirely mobile and can be traded between different cars in a family.
  • Remote-mount-these detectors are permanently mounted in your vehicle.

Each type of radar detector may come with a range of features, such as laser detection, highway and city mode, GPS compatibility and more. Contact us today to see our range of products offered in El Paso, TX.