Stop Sitting on Ripped Seats

Rely on us for car upholstery repair service in El Paso, TX

Those ripped seats don't just make your car look shabby. They're also uncomfortable to sit on. Don't wait for the springs to start poking you-turn to Hawks Audio Works & Kustoms for auto upholstery services in El Paso, TX. We'll work efficiently to remove the existing material and re-cover your seats with plush fabric or smooth leather.

Contact us today to make a car upholstery repair appointment. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy driving around town while sitting on a newly re-covered seat.

car upholstery repair service in El Paso, TX

Restore your car to its former glory

Did your dog's nails rip holes in your seats? Did your kid's dirty shoes stain the carpet? Did an oversized picture frame gouge a hole in the door panel? No matter how the interior of your car got damaged, the skilled team at Hawks Audio Works & Kustoms can fix it.

You can count on our car upholstery repair crew in El Paso, TX to:

  • Repair rips in the seats
  • Install new flooring
  • Reupholster the roof
  • Re-cover door panels

Our knowledgeable team received expert instruction on auto upholstery services from the Acoustic Edge Institute of Houston. Check out their courses by visiting their website.

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